Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry by Drs. Wolkstein in San Jose

Recent advancements in dental technology have made it both possible and reasonable to improve cases which previously involved costly and extensive treatment. Many of those situations were cosmetic in nature and were simply lived with in the past. Now, many of these situations can be corrected or improved upon in a simple, comfortable procedure requiring only one visit with no numbing or injections. The following are just a few examples of these situations.

Diastema Closure

In the past, diastemas or spaces between teeth, were most often corrected with either orthodontics or the placement of larger sized crowns on adjacent teeth. With the use of dental bonding, it is now possible to add tooth-colored material to the sides of each tooth. In this way, we can close the gap between the two teeth and when no other functional problems exist, can often avoid the need for braces or other orthodontic intervention.



Malformed or Mis-Shapen Teeth



Teeth may not form properly for congenital reasons or illness during developmental years. Through a simple procedure, we bond material to enlarge or reshape teeth as well as cover up cosmetic defects.

In some congenital cases, nearby teeth move into the location of the missing tooth. This adjacent tooth is usually a different shape from the one it is replacing and may look unusual. Bonding can be used to reshape these teeth to more approximate the appearance of a normal smile.



Other times teeth may form unnaturally and look unusually small, narrow, or ‘peg shaped’. These too can be bonded to create a more natural, symmetrical looking appearance.








There is a wide spectrum of what is considered normal when it comes to the color of permanent teeth. Bleaching and/or bonding are methods used to lighten or brighten teeth. These methods are safe, quick, inexpensive and can often be applied at home. It can usually be applied for as long as it takes to obtain the desired results and reapplied at future times if necessary.



Fracture Repairs



Traumatic injuries occur frequently to teeth through various means, such as athletic injuries, biking, skating, or just by plain clumsiness. One of the most gratifying things we can do in our office is to quickly repair these fractures and restore children’s smiles to what they previously were.






We treat the position and alignment of the teeth as a vital part of every dental exam and are continually evaluating our patients for the possibility of orthodontic intervention. Although we do some limited tooth movement when necessary, we have an extensive relationship with orthodontists throughout the area, and can make the most appropriate referrals to best fit the personality, location, and needs of you and your child. We also have state-of-the-art digital imaging, photographic, and x-ray equipment so virtually all orthodontic record taking can be performed in our office- often eliminating the need for outside laboratories when required or requested by orthodontists.